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          Do you love the rugged adventure that the mountains have to offer as much as we do? As serious mountain bikers, we are well aware of the bumpy terrain that some of these adventurous trips may bring. Nothing is worse than losing a grip on your handlebar due to these jagged and rough roads, especially when it causes us to slip off our bikes. Yeah, we’ve been there before. That’s why here at Lizard Skins, we’re keeping you safe by designing the ultimate standard in grip comfort. With the anti-vibration, large-pad pattern design, you’ll notice a difference and greater comfort that includes zero numbness and slipping. All of our slip-on handlebars are compatible with MTB, BMX, ATV and PWC as well as with any size of hands for full and total control. Even on hot sweaty days, our grips will keep your hands comfortable and in-control, no matter how much moisture comes in contact with them. Whether it’s sweaty palms or splashing through puddles on a trail or through a creek, you’ll love how much of a strong hold your Lizard Skins’ grips allow you to have over your bike regardless of speed. 

          Another benefit to our slip-on grips is that you don’t have to worry about the dreaded wrist fatigue you get from a tight grip or from the aggressive vibrations of a rough trail. Because our grips are made to ergonomically fit the size of your hand,, they provide the type of support your wrists need to reduce fatigue. The comfort level they provide allows control without such a tight grip. 

          BMX riders especially love our slip-on grips because they tend to be much lighter, preventing them from putting more weight on their bikes. Another reason our grips are a favorite for both BMX and mountain bike riders is because of the variations of patterns there are to choose from. Whether your pattern preference is waffle, pyramid, charger evo with flange, or compound, we try our best to cater to your needs for the safest, most comfortable bike ride around. Go ahead and browse through our selection of slip-on handlebars. With so many to choose from, it may be hard to pick just one.

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