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          dSP Controller Grip

          Whether you are a serious gamer who livestreams on Twitch and YouTube, or are a less-serious gamer who just likes to have fun with friends while playing your favorite video game, there is no doubt you need a very important gaming accessory — controller grips.

          Our Lizard Skins controller grips allow you to play comfortably for long, extended periods of time due to their sweat-resistant material. This is especially important when it comes to those tricky cheat codes that require some quick finger movement. While we cannot promise to single-handedly improve your game, we can assure you that we can improve the time you spend playing by keeping your grip feeling ultra-comfy. We purposely make our grips so that you can place them on your controller in a hassle-free way while providing the most coverage. Once you try one, you will instantly feel how much more comfortable your controller is with the multi-textured, slip-resistant material.

          We make our grips with the Xbox, PlayStation and Switch users in mind. The DSP controller grip is optimized for different touch-points, while the polymer material keeps your grip comfortably secure. Aside from the comfortability level that these grips provide, they also work as a barrier to protect your controller from breaking. For those unexpected slips and falls against the floor or from excessive use, these grips are a great way to help shield your controller from damage.

          Another great feature of our gaming grips is that they come in a wide variety of colors. Choose your favorite color or the one that will coordinate with your gaming setup. From neon yellow to match the LED lights in your gaming room or to black camo to reflect your own personal style, Lizard Skins gaming grips have so many colors to choose from, no matter which gaming console you use.

          Our grips also make the perfect video gaming accessory gift for any gamer. Include them with a graduation gift, a birthday card, a stocking stuffer for Christmas or as part of a Valentine’s Day card. We wouldn’t be surprised if the gamer in your life gets hooked on them and asks for more.

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