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          Every baseball player knows one of the most important things when you are up to bat is how you connect with the bat.  A proper grip can help improve your game. At times you may need some reinforcement, such as bat grip tape — that’s where we come in. How does Lizard Skins grip increase performance?  Our strategic pattern ensures non-slip performance in all weather conditions.  By reducing vibration and maintaining a consistent swing at the plate, it allows players to reduce stress on the hands by relaxing their grip, while at the same time executing a controlled, comfortable, tension-free swing. As well, our Lizard Skins bat grip comes in a variety of styles and colors to reflect your personality when you are in the batter’s box waiting for that perfect pitch. From camo to neon and monochromatic colors, we are sure you will find more than a few colors to show off. Can’t decide which color to choose? Our Quad grips change color as you wrap them down the bat. Whether you are using a wood, aluminum or composite bat, our grips each come with pre-cut ends and a full adhesive back to use on any of these bat types.

          Want to customize your bat grip? Our grips also come with personalization options when you place your order. You can choose to put your name and player number, or even your favorite MLB team’s logo on the grip. We can also make the thickness to your liking with options that include 0.5, 1.1 or 1.8mm. The thicker you apply the tape to your bat, the more you reduce those annoying and sometimes painful bat stings. Thanks to our durasoft polymer formula, our grips function as a barrier to absorb most of the shock vibrations that occur when the bat makes hard contact with the ball. If you are looking for speed or more feedback from the bat, keep your tape thin as this keeps your bat light and allows for faster rotation of the wrist.

          Ready to improve your swing? For the most comfortable grips, check out our selection and start personalizing your own. All of our grips come with finishing tape and are 39-inches in length, long enough for every style of bat. With so many colors to choose from, it will be easy to coordinate with your team’s colors, too!

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