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          In baseball, when it comes to batting there are tons of tips and tricks to help you improve as a player, including your stance, your grip and swinging on the right pitch. As big fans of baseball, we wanted to design something special for our players, which is why we came up with a product specifically made to improve your bat grip — our Grip Boost. Aside from our wrap-around grips, we’ve also made a quick-drying gel to help improve a batter’s grip for better bat swings, which will hopefully lead to more consistent home runs. 

          The Lizard Skins’ Grip Boost batting gel is a clear, quick-drying, alcohol-based gel that will give you the extra grip and control you need every time you go up to bat. By applying a thin layer of this tacky polymer to the palm of your glove, you’ll be surprised at how much better your grip improves without the mess of left-over residue that other grip enhancers tend to leave behind. It won’t ruin your bat, ball, skin or clothes. Another great benefit of this formula is that it doesn’t depend on the temperature outside and can easily be reactivated with moisture.

          Once applied, you’ll find that you have better control without as much pressure, which will alleviate any fatigue and even lessen the soreness that you usually get from applying a tight squeeze on your bat. More and more baseball players are preferring our gel formula as an alternative to pine tar. We promise you’ll love the way this formula works with your gloves and the way you’ll be able to tell the difference on your first application. Try a bottle of Lizard Skins’ Grip Boost to see what a difference it can make. Each bottle has enough to share with your teammates and, if you’re generous enough, even with your opponents.

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