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          Whether you’re heading to practice or you’re flying out for a big game with your team, you’ll want to make sure you have the right kind of bag with you to hold all of your essentials. This is where our lifestyle bags come into play. Designed with style and functionality in mind, you’ll find yourself turning to this bag over and over again.

          Our lifestyle bags can be carried as a duffle or worn as a backpack, adding a level of versatility and comfort that is hard to find with other brands. Available in a variety of easy, neutral colors, it’s incredibly simple to find a bag that fits your personal style or that matches your team’s colors.

          The size and functionality of our lifestyle bags were a priority during the design process. We wanted to make sure that they weren’t so big that they were overwhelming, but that they were big enough to store your equipment and essentials. With ample space and plenty of pockets, it’s incredibly easy to include everything you need while still keeping it neat and organized. No more digging around to find that one small item! Simply store it in one of the outer pockets and you’re good to go.

          Store everything you need in our lifestyle bags and simplify the process of commuting to and from your day’s different locations.

          Looking for more items to help personalize your sporting equipment? We have grips available for a variety of different sports, making it easier than ever to find something that fits your needs. They come in various colors and designs, so grab one that fits your style and get ready to take your game to the next level!

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