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          Every PC gamer knows that your mouse can either make or break your winning streak. A winning mouse will allow you to reach your full potential during all of your gaming sessions — no matter how long they may be. Having the right mouse combined with the right grip will make you an undefeated, unstoppable champion with the most powerful tool in the gaming world. When choosing a mouse, be sure to pick one that matches your style and won’t hold you back by having all of the buttons, wheel, sensors and connection points at your fingertips. Once you’ve locked in on the perfect mouse, reaching your level of comfort is where we come in.

          Lizard Skins’ DuraSoft Polymer (DSP) mouse grips can be cut to fit any style of mouse, no matter the size. Each grip comes with a grid transfer sheet so you can trace and cut it to the exact desired size, and templates for the most popular gaming mice can be found on our site. Not only are our grips super easy to apply, but they can also add style to match your taste. With a variety of colors to choose from, you can put your own personal touch on your most prized possession. All grips come with detailed how-to instructions as well as video instructions that can be found on our installation page.

          Once you place this grip on your mouse, we know you’ll love the way the polymer feels against the balls of your fingers. You’ll wonder how you went this long without it. You’ll be able to go for hours streaming live with your Twitch followers or competing against your friends online. You’ll also notice that these grips contribute to the perfect speed because of the difference in your control due to the feel of the grip. As an added bonus, you may also start to see less inaccuracy from your mouse sensor since you’ll have a better handle on your mouse. This will help you avoid jitters that cause your cursor to jump and make unwanted clicks. If you’re familiar with jitters then you know that even the slightest jitter can make you miss a shot. So if you’ve tried everything else, try one of our grips and see what a difference it can make.

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