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          When it comes to your stick, every lacrosse player knows that it should always be taped to keep your hands from slipping when you’re shooting or passing. Although you may be able to use any type of athletic tape, lacrosse tape, specifically ours, has been designed to last longer when it comes to durability. While other types of tape may fade, Lizard Skins lacrosse grip provides a better grip during game time and maintains the best endurance to last longer without having to retape over and over.

          A good grip will make or break your game, especially in wet weather when your stick’s shaft gets slick and wants to slip out of your hands instead of taking the best power shots possible. To play in the slickest of weather, be sure to wrap your stick to your comfort level. Some players prefer to wrap the entire stick, while others choose to only wrap the butt end. Because we know you may find your tape placement preferences change as your game evolves, our lacrosse stick tape is easy to apply whenever you see fit.

          Don’t miss shots and catches due to a poor choice of tape or lack thereof. With feedback from hundreds of professional lacrosse players and the lacrosse community, our grips are made with the lacrosse player in mind by being consistent in the design and style of comfortability for the best outcome on the field. Once you try our lacrosse tape, you’ll find that our DSP durasoft polymer grip creates the perfect balance of tackiness and mobility and is designed based on a lacrosse player’s style of hand movement.

          Need more specifics? Our grip tape comes 0.5 millimeters thick and is 39 inches long with precut ends and finishing tape. It is slip-resistant and has a full adhesive back so your grip will stay on through all conditions. Check out our selection of grips that come in solid colors and camo colors to fit any lacrosse stick.

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